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Do you want to find new ways to help your employees become more engaged and receive constructive feedback without getting defensive? Do you want to create an encouraging work environment where your employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and accepting critiques?

At Mentor Coaching Skills, we can help you become a better leader and create a more collaborative, productive and happy work environment for both you and your team. Whether you’re a chief executive officer or a mid-level manager, we can help you develop your leadership skills by teaching you the core competencies of certified coaches and how to incorporate them to become a more successful leader.

As a highly experienced Leadership Trainer, Life Coach Elle knows how to help leaders learn the skills they need to create successful teams. Through one-on-one executive coaching sessions, we’ll help you discover your innate strengths and skills as a leader and teach you how to use them to empower your team members. 

  • Learn the art of providing feedback in an effective and constructive way. 

  • Learn how to effectively deliver employee reviews and lead performance improvement planning meetings.

  • Learn how to listen to your employees and ask the right questions to maximize their motivation and performance.

  • Learn how to overcome personal conflicts between your employees so they can work together productively.

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