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Clients Experiences
Client 7

“Working with Elle has been a true game changer.  I started working with her to understand and refine my coaching in the areas of core competencies.  Elle’s insight into my style, my strengths, my gifts and talents have truly elevated the quality of my work.  She shined the light in areas where I excel and how to utilize those to create my very own unique practice.  She questioned and delved deep into areas where I was not comfortable and created the much needed awareness as to why I was not in alignment with those competencies.  Her sessions are a real workout for the brain and the soul.  There is no hiding or masking away anything.  She challenges and invites you to take a leap to truly expand your practice and thinking.”

Jomar Reschreiter

Convergence Consulting

Client 8

Elle is a  master in feedback! She is highly intuitive and knows how to develop human potential with her art of feedback. Feedbacks are very encouraging as well as provide you with the understanding of how you can finesse your skills. If you want to develop your coaching skills her feedbacks are game changer!

Gurvinder Kaur CPC 

Conscious Leadership Coach 

Client 2

Elle is not only a master coach, but also a master of giving feedback to coaches. In our session together, she helped me see new ways of taking my coaching to the next level. I'm particularly excited to continue exploring the power of language and its interplay with my intuition. Her insights are brilliant and she is fearless, inspiring me to be even bolder and brighter in my coaching. 

Andrea Yang

Legal Career Counselor/Life Purpose and Transition Coach 

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